In my guitar tutorial for the spiritual song “Colibri Dorado”

I lovingly accompany you on this special path. Together we will immerse ourselves in the
gentle sounds and healing vibrations of this song while I show you step by step
how to lovingly bring it to life on your guitar.
My guide is designed with heart and gently guides you through every nuance of the melody.
So you not only get to know the tones,
but also feel the deeper meaning of the song inside you.
Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of music and spirituality.
If you are ready to embark on this journey,
hold my empathetic guitar tutorial “Colibri Dorado” in your hands and
open yourself to a world of harmony and inspiration💫

You will receive:

  • a PDF sheet with lyrics, chords and the meaning of the song

  • a tablature of the picking pattern

  • a video link to the tutorial just for you ♡

Colibri Dorado English Guitar Tutorial



With this guitar tutorial made from the heart, you’ll receive:

♡  a PDF sheet with lyrics, chords and meaning of the song
♡  the tablature of the picking pattern
♡  the video link for the tutorial just for you

In this tutorial I explain and show you in close-up how to play this song on guitar.

The following chords appear in this song: Am,G, Fmaj7, Em

I’ll show you the chords, the strumming and picking pattern, and at the same time you’ll get a play-along video
where I’ll play through the song and you’ll see the chords at the same time,
so you can accompany the song with your guitar.
My guitar is tuned to 432 Hz in almost all of the videos I made,
that’s why it may sound a little odd when you play your guitar to my videos.
l will share with you the apps and how to detune your guitar from 440 Hz to 432 Hz if you like.
Enjoy practicing, learning, playing and singing this magical song,
and carrying it into the world with your voice and intention.

May you touch many hearts and inspire many souls ♡

Thank you for your support and trust.

much love, Nancy


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HINT for YouTube Videos: You can change the quality of the video unter settings in the Bottom right corner of the video, most of my videos are in 1080p HD. 
You also can change the playback speed to faster and slower under settings.

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