Dear one,

I welcome you to my soundfull space. 

I’d like to know how can I be in service to you?

As my offers are only in German at the moment, I would love to offer also something to my non-german-speaking community.

Please share with me your thoughts on what you would like me to offer to you.

So far, I am about to translate my Songbook “Collection of heart songs” with 36 Songs, at the moment only available in German language, you can find here:

➡️ https://nancyhaywood.com/produkt/collection-of-heart-songs-ebook-mantra-medicine-music-songbook-by-nancy-haywood/


Soon it will be available in English language.

I would also love to offer an online Mantra Guitar Course with Medicine Songs, Mantras and Rainbow Songs, World Songs, for Beginner and Advanced.

Please let me know what you are interested in, I’d love to hear from you.